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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Republican Party Telemarketing

So tonight I'm sitting on the couch with Sara watching Primary Colors when the Republican Party decided to exploit their god-given right to telemarket me, as I am a registered Republican.

The caller launched into an opening statement about how great this year has been and how the party has come together, and how wonderful it was that Senator Tom Dashell was voted out of office. The caller asked me if I agreed.

When I replied I didn't think the past year has been that great, the caller asked "why not?". I've never heard a telemarketer hang up so quickly when I said "I'm not sure I'm a Republican anymore."

Apparently the Republican party doesn't have any interest in keeping its prior members. Instead it is only interested in those who haven't started to question the party's policy decisions. At least they didn't keep me from my movie about Bill Clinton's presidential campaign.


C Mitten said...

I also was a registered republican for 34 years until this election cycle and I really don't know what the hell I was ever thinking to have lasted that long in that most foulest of political parties. I'm not sure of my vote for president as of yet but I can tell you who I am not and will never vote for, it's McCain or any Republican. In my experience most republicans are pathelogical liers unable to tell a truth no matter how small or unimportant it may be. They hide behind their Church but live their lives as pagens so to speak, always demanding how I am to live but not willing to follow ther own demands. There only purpose is to take, take, take and when it's all gone ask if they can have the rest, after all I won't need any. They talk smaller government but always increase the size for their term in office. Creeping in the darkness behind closed doors to plan new disasters to divert attention away from what they are really doing, such as raping our Constitutional bill of rights, planning new wars to control oil somewhere or overthrow some other elected and democratic government that disagrees with the current regime or tell another country stop doing what you're doing all the while doing the same and more to the world and our planet. Hippocritical liers those are the words that describes the Republican party almost perfectly. Oh my how good it feels to be Not a Republican and be a free thinking truthseeker again.

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