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Friday, June 3, 2005

Giving developers cheap computers

What is the fascination with giving developers cheap computers? My desktop at work has the slowest disk! I've already spent 15 minutes waiting for it this morning and I've only been here a little over an hour.

I guess losing almost 1/4 of my day (every day) to waiting for a cheap 5400 RPM IDE drive is worth the $500 the company saved by not purchasing me a faster drive for my system.

When will the bean counters at large companies realize that developers have high disk IO demands (when compared to other business-type users, like most Word/Excel users) and actually purchase systems which can keep up with our work?


Doug said...

Agreed. And when it comes to retaining tech workers, money is not the #1 driver. Techies leave because they get pissed off.

So who's saving the company money? the "bean-counter" or the "take-care-of-my-people" manager

spearce said...

It is a very good question. There must not be a clear cut answer, as one can easily argue either way. Since the bean counters usually have more control in an organization than the "take-care-of-my-people" manager it is likely the bean counter is "correct". :-|

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