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Sunday, August 20, 2006

MySQL Recovery Blows

I'm running MythTV at home. Since May it has replaced our trustworthy ReplayTV in the living room as the primary TV viewing apparatus.

Thus far its worked rather well for us, despite some odd user interface quirks that probably have more to do with the way I designed my Pronto panels than with MythTV itself.

But its use of MySQL is another story...

pg version 0.1.7 Released

A little while ago I discovered pg 0.1.6 had some issues with more recent GIT versions, such as GIT 1.4.1 due to some changes in command line parameter handling.

Consequently pg 0.1.7 is now available. Here is the shortlog of changes:

* When backing up into a new directory GIT 1.3.1 won't copy
* Corrected diff-index usage for GIT 1.4.1.
* Add raw diff support to pg-files.
* Add --base=foo option to pg-new.