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Saturday, September 23, 2006

MythTV's Deletion Logic

There must be a bug somewhere in MythTV's show deletion logic.

I hate to admit it but I find Stargate Atlantis to be entertaining, so I record the new episode every Friday night. Because I may not be able to get around to watching the show rigtht away I asked MythTV retain two copies of the show, deleting the oldest.

So right now my MythTV box has the episodes from Aug 25, Sept 18, Sept 16. But not last night's episode, Sept 22. First off, why do I have 3 episodes when I asked for 2? And secondly, why do I have an old episode but not the most recent?!?

Looking at the oldrecorded table in MySQL it shows that the Sept 22nd episode was in fact recorded. But it must have been deleted just a few minutes after it finished recording. :mad:

Sunday, September 3, 2006

On Sandwich Making

I have never seen a discussion on sandwich making which was as worth reading as this one. Nicely done.