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Saturday, June 4, 2005

First post written in LaTeX

This is my first entry posted directly from LATEX. It is actually a
LATEX source document residing in my Subversion repository which is formatted into HTML by latex2html. I have written a small wrapper Perl script which cleans the output from latex2html into slightly more readable HTML, adds CSS classes to facilitate presentation in Movable Type, then posts the entry into Movable Type through the Perl API Net::MovableType.

What‘s also very cool is the graphics drawn in LATEX code will be automatically converted by latex2html and uploaded into the archive directory. Therefore I can do equations or graphics in
LATEX and they will appear correct on the website. For example here is the fraction “1 over 2” as an equation:

h = $\displaystyle {\frac{{1}}{{2}}}$


Nifty, isn‘t it?

What‘s great is that I no longer need to worry about HTML formatting,
or really any other presentation issue while I am writing an article.
I can just focus on the content. This is perhaps the greatest strength of LATEX and why I can‘t seem to give it up as a means of presenting my thoughts.

I won‘t really use the posttex script for small entries such as quick links, etc. as it is too much work to write up a LATEX source file and check it into SVN. But I do plan on writing some longer entries at least once week from now on, and these will all be written in LATEX. If space on my webserver doesn‘t prove to be an issue I may also offer PDF forms of the longer articles.


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