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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Git is moving...

Cedric recently wrote an interesting post on his blog, Git for the nervous developer. Unlike a lot of the other blogs out there, he approached Git from the kicking and screaming angle, where he was already comfortable with another VCS and was forced to switch to Git for his day-job. Its an interesting perspective that he has, how he has found some sort of happiness with the tool he didn't choose to use.

Today I also gave a talk on Git, JGit, EGit and Gerrit Code Review at the Sonatype Maven Meetup in Philadelphia. The talk was really well attended, according to Jason van Zyl, everyone chose my talk during the first time slot of the day. Most of the audience is apparently from the financial services sector, so they are a bit behind the bleeding edge of the open source VCS curve, but they were aware of Git and asking some really great questions about its capabilities. I'm glad I went, maybe we'll see some wider adoption of Git outside of the more usual open source communities.


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