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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Why a ScreensavRz?

Apple's got a little issue with their current PowerBook line. The keys press into the LCD when the lid is closed. Which isn't good because then you get finger dirt and such on the screen, in a nice keyboard configuration. Unless you are into such types of modern art (I'm not) you really don't want this to happen as it makes the screen harder to see.

I've had my 15" PowerBook for a year now. About a month into owning it I started to see my keyboard in my screen, rather than say the Terminal window I was currently working in. Not good.

Doing some research on the web I found Notebook ScreensavRz, a microfiber cloth you can place between your keyboard and your LCD. A year later I can't be happier; its saved my LCD from looking exactly like my keyboard. But yea, it wasn't cheap.

Given how much Apple charges for their PowerBook line you would think they would have this issue solved by now. Or at least include a ScreensavRz free. But nooooo. I guess they figure their end users can afford to either replace the LCD or purchase their own ScreensavRz. Sort of like a country club charging high membership rates and then high rates to actually play on the course.


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