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Sunday, January 15, 2006

What's With Tom?

My wife is a member of MySpace, as are many of her friends. Apparently it actually is a semi-useful website for people who don't own their own websites. Perhaps it was a good purchase for Murdoch's News Corp.. Personally I find the homepage to be cluttered and uninteresting. Google's homepage is much better.

But that's not the interesting part - what's with Tom? He's got 49,077,564 friends as of Jan 15th. How can one person really have almost 50 million friends? Even if he only talked to each one for only 1 minute per day it would take him 93 years to talk to each person, without sleeping. So there's no way Tom has 50 million friends. More likely MySpace has over 50 million users, all of whom have Tom as their friend for one reason or another. I wonder what he's worth now that News Corp. has bought the website for $580 million.


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