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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Applied Cryptography on Amazon?

I'm taking a course this semester on computer network security. One of our texts is Bruce Schneier's Applied Cryptography. The campus bookstore wants $51 for this book in paperback. Searching by the ISBN on Amazon came up with a price of $31.80 for the paperback edition. A savings of $19.20, roughly equal to the cost of 4 lunches on campus. Reason number 1 not to purchase your books on campus.

Schneier (wisely I would say) offers links to his books on Amazon through the Amazon referral program. Except that the hardcover edition link is currently jumping to the paperback edition and is listing at full price ($60.00) while the paperback link is listing for $31.80.

Apparently Amazon doesn't have hardcover editions available and is instead offering the paperback edition at full price, hoping that you won't notice since you might be willing to pay more. :mad: If I'm going to pay more for a book I want something in return, such as a hardcover. I would rather have the hardcover version of good books like Applied Cryptography as hardcovers tend to last longer around me than paperback covers do.


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