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Thursday, December 3, 2009

EGit at Eclipse

A few months ago we moved EGit, the Git team provider for Eclipse, over to the Eclipse Foundation.  Along the way we decided to try out some new development techniques, like taking advantage of my day-job project Gerrit Code Review to help us discuss pending changes.  This lead us down the road of not paying too much attention to the Eclipse IP process, and failing to tag all contributed patches with the +iplog flag in Bugzilla.

Fortunately Wayne Beaton helped us get Gerrit configured in a way that meets the foundation's IP process guidelines, and has encouraged us to continue forward.  This is great, because it means we can rely on Git for attribution tracking, rather than Bugzilla.

Also, since the project moved homes we picked up 3 prolific contributors, and all of them have turned into committers on the project.


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