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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Eclipse is the new RPM hell

Remember back when RedHat was the best Linux distribution? If not, let me remind you of RPM hell. A situation where you can't install Foo 1.X, because it needs Bar 2.3.Y, but you also have Zidget 8.Z installed and that needs Bar 2.2.Y. Long story short, you can have either Foo or Zidget on your system, but not both.

Today I just tried to install the Eclipse Test & Performance Tools, so I could try to find out why Apache MINA SSHD has such poor throughput during uploads into the server.  Unfortunately I can't run version 4.5 because it depends on a decade old version of libstdc++.  But I can't install version 4.6, which supposedly has a newer linkage, because the 4.6 requires SWT 3.4.0.  But I'm running Eclipse 3.4.2, which apparently does not have a new enough SWT.

Folks.  Seriously?

The only major consumer of SWT that really matters is the Eclipse SDK.  And the SDK platform version numbers don't match SWT version numbers.  And the test and performance tools require a decade old shared library which isn't even distributed with Ubuntu Hardy.

I guess since its Java, its OK to repeat decade old mistakes, because its in a different programming language.



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