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Thursday, July 7, 2005

Oh How I Hate Windows

Why does Windows suck so much? I tried to start up my HTPC (Home Theater PC) which I use to play movies in our home theater - just so I can watch The Fifth Element for the hundredth time. But every time I start up TheaterTek (the DVD player I use) it uses 100% CPU and doesn't do anything. Normally I would say yes, this is a fault within TheaterTek - but this machine has no keyboard, mouse or monitor to speak of. So the only way for me to control it is from VNC. When TheaterTek is running at 100% CPU the VNC server doesn't get enough CPU time to respond to the client - meaning I can't reboot the system without needing a half hour just to open Task Manager.

Who the hell designed this POS operating system? In this day and age remote administration of anything should be an integrated feature available to all users, not a hack-on-the-side like VNC is for Windows. And a simple reboot request shouldn't take 30 minutes to be entered, then another 30 minutes to be carried out. At this point I could have been 2/3 of the way through the movie, but I have yet to get it playing.

Of course I could just be using a normal consumer DVD player and video scaler instead of this HTPC rig, but what fun would that be? Besides - when I aquired the equipment a video scaler was much more expensive then the HTPC was, and the HTPC is able to generate an image that looks just as good on my projector. I wasn't about to spend more than I needed to.


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