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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I Really Dislike Network Solutions

So I have a different domain name registered with Network Solutions which I use for some contracting business, etc. A few months ago the registration expired. I was going to transfer it to another registrar - one that doesn't charge a small fortune per year - but good 'ol NetSol won't let you transfer a domain which is close to expiring. So I just waited for it to expire.

Its long since expired.

But I'm still waiting. Why? Because NetSol has locked the domain and is trying to sell it to me at their prices. I can't purchase it again through another registrar. I can't transfer it without purchasing it from NetSol first. If I purchase it from NetSol and then transfer it the other registrar won't give me credit for the registration I paid NetSol. Not to mention the fact that I was trying to avoid paying NetSol's high fees in the first place...

*sigh* So that domain is out in limbo, and may be that way for a long time. Just so NetSol can cybersquat on it. A practice which I thought they weren't very fond of a few years ago when the domain name speculators were registering names left and right.

But then there's the simple fun fact that NetSol is the group of extremely intelligent people who brought the entire .com, .net and .org domain tree to its knees with their "innovative" SiteFinder crap. Good thing that's dead. Or is it?.

Why do I still do business with these morons?


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