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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

pg version v0.1.6 Released

I've made quite a few changes to pg since the last listed release of v0.1.1, I just haven't published it on my website.

Here is the shortlog of the changes since v0.1.1:
Corrected which directory we take the basename of when
I just tried to create a patch which contained a new
When exporting a patch which contains binary files
Actually add the export binary filter.
Updated the known bug list based on feedback from the GIT
Started drafting a pg-import command to import patch files
Corrected minor bugs with pg-import.
When merging a patch set where the last patch is not the
Simplified some of the code in pg-rename.
The reason pg-rebase wasn't deleting tracked files was because I was
Changed pg-unedit -a to pg-reset-tree. This new command
Updated the known bug list based on more feedback from
pg-export will now export each patch to stdout unless -o
Changed the header of exported patches to look more like
Make sure the temporary file used by pg-export gets deleted
Added --no-binary option to pg-export to skip writing out
Refreshed patch Create-pg-import.
When importing a patch if it comes with *.bin files we
Fixed pg--export-binaries to correctly handle patches
Refreshed patch Fix-Binary-Export.
Refreshed patch Create-pg-import.
Fixed bugs related to the binary revision import as
Use the default import comment for a patch even if mailinfo
If pg-import is given a directory as a parameter it should
Updated information about the import patch feature.
Fixed a bug in pg--export-binaries where we were extracting
Corrected documentation in pg-reset-tree. I noticed a
pg-rebase --undo used to display the last commit of the
Don't wait for the user to confirm replacing a temporary
Corrected grammar typos in pg-reset-tree.
When deleting files from the working directory we can
Added application of a patch file through patch when
Corrected filtering of rejecting hunks. If all hunks in
Corrected grammar in help for --delete in pg-import.
Removed the issue about importing patches that fail
If a the first patch fails to push after a pg-rebase then
Added the '-- ' line and git version to the footer of each
Rewrote the three way merge strategy used during
Added missing header to pg--merge-all.
Indicate which patches have been sent upstream and which
Corrected handling of file modes during pg--merge-all.
During export of a patch a deleted binary file will show up
On Cygwin we want diff and patch to operate on binary
Created pg-move-changes.
Added -i switch to pg-ci, pg-status and pg-unedit to allow
Added --signoff option to pg-export so the line is
When a perfectly clean merge goes through Cygwin's patch
There's a bug in git-update-index with regards to
Sometimes pg-reset-tree fails horribly when executed on a
Updated the known bug list with feature requests and some
When displaying file modes during a merge process show
If the reject file appears malformed to us don't abort
When performing the checkout for the newly added files do
Any file which are checking out of stage 2 or stage
Added -p switch to pg-pop to permit the user to pop
Corrected a bug in pg-pop's popping loop. We only want
If warnings occur during merge dump them out to the console
Created pg-backup, a tool for performing incremental
Just chmod'ing the hooks in a newly created repo doesn't
Creating an empty database and pushing into it only
If the working directory is not clean when pg-backup is
Improved the performance of pg-move-changes by removing
If we are folding all patches (pg-fold -a) into the base
When pushing an empty patch we must update last=head


Yann Dirson said...

It would be useful to be able to download releases from a tarball. People in a paranoid environment with net access only through a standalone windows box are left with only the choice of downloading pg with git from home.

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