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Friday, February 10, 2006

pg version v0.1.1 Released

I'm finally making the first public release of pg (aka Patchy GIT).

pg is a shell script wrapper around GIT to help the user manage a set of patches to files. pg is somewhat like quilt or StGIT, but it does have a slightly different feature set. For one thing pg may not have everything you want. Yet. On the other hand pg does things differently then StGIT. :-)

Right now the documentation is in plain text and available here as well in the public GIT repository.

You can download the latest pg by cloning my public repository:

git clone

Bug reports should be sent by email directly to me:

I'm also interested in hearing feedback about the command set. What works for you and what doesn't, what features could be improved, what features you'd like to see, etc.


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